Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System

Quick air.
Go anywhere.

Tire inflation and deflation just got a whole lot easier with the Pro-Flate Ultra-Fast Tire Inflator and Deflator System. This innovative product is designed to make your off-road and overlanding experience smoother and more efficient. With the Pro-Flate, you can inflate and deflate all four tires at once, in just minutes.

Convenience is key

The Pro-Flate is designed with your convenience in mind. The quick-connects and detachable air hoses make set up and take down quick and easy, so you can spend less time preparing and more time exploring. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or a beginner, the Pro-Flate’s user-friendly design makes tire inflation and deflation a breeze.

PRO-FLATE Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System
Pro-Flate Four Tire Inflator & Deflator System

Precision At Your Fingertips

The Pro-Flate’s digital gauge ensures precise pressure adjustments, so you can fine-tune your tire pressure to the exact level you need for a smoother, more efficient ride. With this level of precision, you can easily handle any terrain with confidence.

PRO-FLATE Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System
Pro-Flate Four Tire Inflator & Deflator System

Rugged & Reliable

Built to last, the Pro-Flate is engineered with heavy-duty hybrid polymer air hose, brass components, and a rugged digital pressure gauge for maximum durability. With this robust system, you can rely on the Pro-Flate for all your off-roading adventures for years to come.




Please be aware that air compressors can come with varying fittings; hence, there might be a need for one of our adapters for compatibility with our Pro-Flate system. The Pro-Flate Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System is equipped with a standard 1/4″ Industrial/Milton Male Plug, designed to connect to your air sources. This enables seamless integration with ARB fittings and PowerTank fittings – a plug-and-play experience.

However, if your air source utilizes a different kind of fitting, rest assured we’ve got you covered with our selection of adapters.

Upgrade your off-road experience

Whether you’re hitting the trails or getting back on the road, the Pro-Flate will help you get there faster and with less hassle.


Discounted Pro-Flates Available With a Minor Defect

We have identified a minor defect in some of the remaining inventory of our Pro-Flates. This issue pertains to the couplers that attach the hoses to the manifold, which “may have” slight leaks resulting in minimal air escape while in use. We want to stress that this defect does not impede the overall functionality of the Pro-Flates, and they can still be reliably used for airing up and airing down tires.

Understanding that this flaw may not be significant to all of our customers, we’ve decided to offer these units at a super-discounted rate. This is a great opportunity for those of you who do not mind a small amount of leakage and wish to take advantage of this significant price reduction.

However, we feel it is important to be completely transparent and inform you that the discounted Pro-Flates will not come with a warranty, returns will not be accepted, and no refunds will be given due to the mentioned defect.

We regret any inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your understanding in this matter. We hope that many of you can benefit from this discounted offer, and we assure you that we are continually striving to provide the highest quality products to our loyal customers.