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Pro-Flate Air Compressor Adapter


Introducing our versatile air compressor adapters: these small but essential components are designed to bridge the gap between your air compressor and the Pro-Flate Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System. Our adapters ensure seamless compatibility, catering to a wide range of air compressor fittings beyond the standard ARB and PowerTank fittings. Made with high-quality materials for durability and longevity, they guarantee a secure and leak-proof connection. With our adapters, you can convert any air source into a plug-and-play system with Pro-Flate, allowing for efficient and hassle-free inflation or deflation of your tires.

Please be aware that air compressors can come with varying fittings; hence, there might be a need for one of our adapters for compatibility with our Pro-Flate system. The Pro-Flate Ultra-Fast Four Tire Inflator and Deflator System is equipped with a standard 1/4″ Industrial/Milton Male Plug, designed to connect to your air sources. This enables seamless integration with ARB fittings and PowerTank fittings – a plug-and-play experience.

However, if your air source utilizes a different kind of fitting, rest assured we’ve got you covered with our selection of adapters. Choose your air source from the provided list. In the event that your specific air source isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll gladly assist you in identifying the correct adapter to ensure your compressor or air tank is compatible with our Pro-Flate system.

Adapter Fittings

Viair 440P Compressor, Dobinson 160L/min Compressor, All Top – ‎ATACR300, All Top – ATACR180L, Rivian, Viair 300p/400p/450p, Viair 85P/87P/88P/90P, Dobinson 70L/min Compressor, Iron Man 4×4, Maxi Trac, Mean Mother, Rough Country RS200, SMAOUT – SMACR350, Smittybilt, Summit Offroad, NAPA Air Compressor – 300 LPM




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