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Absence Rooftop Tent

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Meet Absence, the ultimate hardshell rooftop tent for those seeking simplicity and escape. With its sleek, lightweight design, effortlessly journey into nature, leaving the hustle of daily life behind. Choose Absence and find tranquility in the great outdoors.


Introducing Absence: a rooftop tent designed for those who crave simplicity, freedom, and escape. Absence embodies the essence of being away from the chaos of everyday life, allowing you to reconnect with nature and find peace in the great outdoors.

This sleek and minimalist rooftop tent boasts a lightweight construction that makes it a breeze to transport and set up. Crafted with clean lines and an uncomplicated design, Absence is the perfect choice for adventurers seeking a hassle-free camping experience.

At the heart of Absence is the desire to strip away the unnecessary and focus on what truly matters: your connection to the world around you. Equipped with a plush mattress for restful nights, large scenic windows for breathtaking views, convenient storage to keep your space organized, soothing interior lights for a well-lit, inviting ambiance, and a sturdy roof rack for all your gear, Absence enhances your outdoor experiences without adding complexity.

The tent’s construction is robust, featuring an all-aluminum shell that surpasses traditional soft cover materials that deteriorate over time. Its interior roof, lined with a premium material, adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor retreat. The fabric, both waterproof and capable of blocking out 99% of light, ensures privacy in the midst of nature.

When you venture into the wilderness with Absence, you leave behind the stress, the clutter, and the noise, embracing the tranquility and simplicity of life outdoors. Choose Absence for a camping experience that brings you closer to nature, and further from the distractions of modern life. Step into a world where less is more, and experience the beauty of being truly absent.

Quality & Durability:

The Absence Rooftop Tent by Traverse Adventure Gear is built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors. Made from honeycomb aluminum and high-quality components, it is rugged, durable, and waterproof. And to give you peace of mind, it’s backed by Traverse Adventure Gear’s warranty, so you can enjoy your camping and Overlanding adventures with confidence.

Speed & Convenience:

The tent is designed to maximize your time spent enjoying the great outdoors. With its easy and quick setup time of less than 30 seconds, you’ll spend less time fussing with camp and more time immersing yourself in nature. And when it’s time to pack up, it closes just as fast, so you can continue on to your next adventure or make it back home in time for whatever life has in store for you.


The Absence Rooftop Tent is engineered to provide you with ample space, making it stand out from other clamshell-style rooftop tents. The unique design provides a spacious and comfortable interior.


Absencet is designed with your storage needs in mind. Inside the tent, you will find a flexible overhead pocket system with ample storage space for all of your belongings. The tent also features a convenient clear pocket, perfect for holding your tablet so you can enjoy videos while inside. Additionally, there are two large side pockets at the foot of the tent, providing even more storage options. A durable, waterproof shoe bag is provided and attaches to the tent. So you can relax and enjoy your camping trip knowing that your belongings are safe and secure.


The 2-inch thick flannel-covered, high-density foam mattress ensures a great night’s sleep. And with an included anti-condensation mat, you’ll be able to keep your mattress dry and comfortable. The tent is also equipped with blackout fabric, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. This tent is designed to ensure that you wake up refreshed and ready to explore the great outdoors.


The Absence Tent is engineered to handle the toughest outdoor conditions. Made with honeycomb aluminum and premium components, it is built to be rugged, durable, and completely waterproof. The tent’s 600D/300gsm rip-stop polyester-cotton canvas is coated with PU, with a W/P rating of 3000mm, making it waterproof. It will also keep you protected from harmful UV rays with a UV50+ rating. The rainfly is crafted from durable black 210D oxford fabric and boasts a PU3000mm waterproof coating, as well as an anti-UV50+ rating, ensuring optimal protection from the elements.

Accessories and Hardware:

Each tent includes a roof rack system, allowing you to mount gear, storage cases, solar panels, and more. The tent is also equipped with two USB A-powered, interior 3-mode LED light bars, providing the perfect amount of light inside the tent. It also includes a black collapsable ladder and ladder bag. A durable and waterproof shoe/storage back is also included, which can be mounted on the underside of the tent or hung from the ladder mounts, keeping your shoes and belongings clean and protected. All exterior hardware is included and comes pre-assembled, making the setup process easy and hassle-free.


The Absence Rooftop Tent is a sleek and stylish minimalistic design that is sure to complement any vehicle. With its low profile and rugged look, it is the perfect addition to your Overlanding or camping setup.


Enjoy the views in style and comfort with the massive windows and front entrance! Don’t miss out on your next adventure. Order yours today!


Before making your purchase, we strongly encourage you to carefully consider your decision and ensure that you are 100% committed to buying a rooftop tent. Please take the time to thoroughly research the product and assess whether it meets your specific needs and requirements.

Our return and cancellation policy includes fees and shipping costs associated with cancellations and returns, as outlined below. These costs may be significant, so we urge you to be absolutely certain about your purchase before placing an order. Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our tents, and we are more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision. Ultimately, the final decision is yours and we are not responsible for any decisions you make.

We continually strive to enhance our products, and hence, specifications might be updated without prior notice as part of our ongoing commitment to improvement.

This product hails from the skilled artisans of China. Despite our best efforts to ensure secure packaging, there could be minor blemishes as a result of its journey, which are not eligible for refunds or replacements. For instances of severe damage, we encourage you to review our comprehensive shipping policy.

By purchasing a rooftop tent from Traverse Adventure Gear, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of our Return and Cancellation Policy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain the efficiency and quality of our production and shipping processes.


Shell Type: Clamshell – Aluminum Honeycomb with accessory channels
Dimensions Open: (Interior): L: 83″ W: 47″ H: 54″
Dimensions Closed: (Exterior): L: 87″ W: 49″ H: 6.25″ (with roof rack)
Tent Weight: Tent Weight: 145 lbs (with roof rack)
Tent Body Fabric: Grey 600D/300gsm rip-stop polyester-cotton canvas, PU coating, W/P 3000MM, UV50+, Vyinyl Coating Blackout Technology
Rainfly/Awning Fabric: Black 210D oxford, PU3000mm, waterproof. anti uv50+
Setup Time: Around 20 seconds
Sleeps: 1-2 people

What's Included

Anti-Condensation Mat: Underneath the mattress
2x Interior LED 3-Mode Light Bar: USB A power cable with switch
Ladder: Black extendable aluminum ladder (comes with rugged storage bag)
Mattress: 2 inch high-density foam, flannel cover
Mounting Hardware: Black rubber coated (fits most racks)
Rainfly/Awning Poles: Two (comes in storage sleeve)
Roof Rack: Removable and adjustable
Shoe Bag: 1
Storage: Interior overhead pocket system with clear iPad storage and two side pockets


$150 Flate Rate – UNITED STATES ONLY


Please read our shipping policy before purchasing.


Traverse Adventures LLC, the manufacturer of Traverse Adventure Gear™, (“TAG”), provides a limited manufacturer’s warranty (the “Warranty”) for TAG products against defects in material and workmanship.

Looking to file a claim? Fill out the warranty form here.


Due to the risks of damage, expenses, and complexities associated with freight shipping rooftop tents, we DO NOT allow returns for rooftop tents. If the tent arrives damaged or falls under our warranty policy, please refer to our shipping and warranty pages for further information.

Please note that by purchasing a Traverse Adventure Gear Rooftop Tent(s), you agree to the terms outlined in our Return and Cancellation Policy.

2 reviews for Absence Rooftop Tent

  1. Bradley O.

    Tent has a nice and slim design. Very effortless to set up and close. Build quality and materials are fantastic! I especially love how large the window openings are! The storage pouches are great and the clear one fits my iPad mini perfectly. Very glad to have this tent on my 23 Tundra!

  2. Sarah

    I’ve had this Absence roof top tent now for a couple of months and have actually gotten to use it out in the wild.
    First of all, the tent itself is only 5″ thick. It’s not like those other huge bulky ones that stop you from getting into your garage or flop around in the wind when you get on the freewav.
    It’s an aluminum hard shell tent so it’s only about 150lbs and really hasn’t effected my gas mileage much at all. It takes literal seconds to open.. it’s just 2 latches and push up to open, and that’s it. No awning poles, no extra support, nothing. It takes just about as little time to close it too.
    “But Sarah.. a roof top tent?? what about your dogs you don’t leave home without?!”.. well, I made a little cover for the ladder so the doggies can get up and down easily and the 3 of us fit perfectly together. There’s separate screens for the windows and completely blacked out zip up closures as well, I had no idea it was even morning besides the dogs excitement to get up and play.
    One of the coolest features is the 2 LED strips on the inside ceiling. Even if it’s raining, maybe everyone else went to bed, maybe we ran out of fire wood & I could crawl into my warm sleeping bag, turn on the lights, and read or edit photos without having to worry about a headlight or flashlight.
    There’s overhead storage inside so I don’t have to leave everything down in the truck or worry about finding room for it while I’m sleeping.
    Given, this is the first roof top tent l’ve had for myself, but everything about this thing is quality. The quickness and ease of it is something never thought could even exist when it comes to setting up or packing down camp, and if you know me at all, I’m ready to get out exploring as much as I can.
    Overall, if you’re looking for something to make your adventure a little easier, or you just don’t like sleeping on the ground, or your scared of bears, seriously check out this company. Not only is it a quality product, they actually care about what you need and want and will get you taken care of.

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