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The Hideaway – Privacy Shower Tent

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The Hideaway Privacy Tent offers so much more than just a private place to shower or change. It’s built to withstand the elements with its durable construction and weather-resistant design, and its versatile use makes it suitable for a variety of different situations and environments. With additional storage options and a roof rack mountable design, it’s the ultimate must-have piece of gear for any camper or overlander. Not to mention, it sets up in seconds, providing you with instant privacy and comfort no matter where you are. So, why settle for anything less? Invest in The Hideaway Privacy Tent today and enjoy the ultimate in outdoor privacy.

Introducing The Hideaway Privacy Tent, the ultimate solution for campers and overlanders looking for privacy and comfort on their outdoor adventures. Whether you need a place to shower, change, or use the bathroom, The Hideaway Privacy Tent provides you with a convenient, durable, and private space to do so. With its adjustable height setting, spacious design, and weather-resistant construction, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for privacy again.

Features & Benefits:

Durable construction: Made from black anodized aluminum and lined with 420D Oxford, The Hideaway Privacy Tent is built to withstand the elements and provide you with long-lasting durability.

Convenient design: With its adjustable height setting and spacious 40 x 40 x 70-inch curtain drop, The Hideaway Privacy Tent is suitable for use in any situation. It sets up in seconds, providing you with an instant private shower, bathroom, or changing room no matter where you are.

Additional storage options: The Hideaway Privacy Tent includes a mesh pocket, a dry pocket, and an attachable item hanger for added storage, making it the perfect solution for all your outdoor needs.

Stable and secure: The weighted bottom hems, zippered entry, and webbing peg anchor points provide added stability and security, so you can feel confident using it in any situation.

Weather-resistant: With its UV and weather-resistant 1000D PVC transit cover, The Hideaway Privacy Tent is perfect for any adventure, no matter the weather conditions.

Versatile use: The Hideaway Privacy Tent can be used as both a shower and toilet/changing room, making it suitable for a variety of different situations and environments.

Easy to carry and store: The Hideaway Privacy Tent is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and store when not in use. It comes with a PVC case for easy transport and storage.

Roof rack mountable: The Hideaway Privacy Tent is easy to add to your vehicle setup with its roof rack-mountable design.

Why wait? Make The Hideaway Privacy Tent a must-have piece of gear for your next camping or overlanding trip. With its convenience, durability, and style, it’s sure to become your go-to privacy solution for all your outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out – get yours today and enjoy the privacy and comfort of a private shower or change room, no matter where you are.

Order your Hideaway Privacy Tent now and experience the ultimate in outdoor privacy and comfort!


Green, Light Grey


Dimensions: 42

Weight: 16 lbs

Fabric: Polyester 420D Oxford

Color: Grey | Army Green

Frame: Black Anodized

Cover: Waterproof PVC w SBS Zippers

What's Included

  • Privacy Shower Tent
  • LED Light Strip
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Ground Stakes
  • Shower Hook
  • Clothesline
  • Wrenches x 2




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5 reviews for The Hideaway – Privacy Shower Tent

  1. Ryan (Laker4Runner)

    Privacy and convenient! Low profile look. Easy to install. Came with everything needed in the box. Install took less than 30 mins. Setup is so easy. This makes taking the wife outdoors easier. Gives her the comfort needed to stay for longer camping trips. Works perfect with my water setup. It’s not thin so no shadow showing your business. I opted for the grey model to match my rig. First thing you notice when opening the box is the high quality

  2. Crisfin Deguzman (lx_shadw)

    “Enter the magical realm of my privacy bathroom tent, a quirky haven that guards my dignity amidst nature’s chaos. It’s my secret sanctuary, empowering me to conquer the wildest adventures with grace and humor!”

  3. Adam B (The_twig_rig)

    This shower tent kicks butt to put it bluntly. Easy to install, comes with the tools needed, fit right to my roof rack with ease! Adjustable straps for different height rigs/mounting heights, 2 zippers (1 at the corner and 1 on the vehicle facing side) are huge for the suv people who sleep inside their rigs for easy access! Works great for quickly using the restroom, or boon docking! The hinges are nice and beefy and give a sturdy feeling. The led strip makes this super usable at night too!
    This thing always folds up with ease, I’m never fighting it like those tents from Walmart! It’s well thought out and works like a charm. I’ve had mine for going on 8 months now sitting in direct sunlight in So Cal and it shows zero signs of fading! You won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

  4. Gina DeGirolamo

    I love having our own private space to take care of all business needs! It’s so awesome to have this right at a campground and not have to go into some nasty little hut to change or do whatever.
    I also love to go to the beach and having it available for changing and rinsing off is terrific. It’s easy to set up quickly too. Thanks Traverse!!

  5. BJ DeGirolamo

    I love this privacy tent! Installation to my truck rack was easy enough for this 62 year old woman to figure out, so anyone can do it. This private space is perfect for showering, changing clothes, or having your own little bathroom – all in one. The pockets are great for putting small shampoo bottles and soaps in, and the material dries out quickly after showering. The light system is great for changing clothes at night, and the material prevents someone seeing your shadow. The height of the enclosure is adjustable with the straps to accommodate any height adjustment you do with your vehicle. It deploys in a minute and has a sturdy frame system to throw a towel or some clothes over. If it’s windy you’ll want to stake it down at the bottom, but most of the time the stakes aren’t needed. A great addition to have if you’re out with a bunch of friends in the wild for a few days, or a place to change clothes right at your campsite.

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