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Total Eclipse – 270-Degree Awning

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Introducing the Total Eclipse 270-Degree, free-standing awning, the ultimate solution for anyone seeking reliable shelter and protection during outdoor adventures. This awning is made with durable, waterproof materials and features integrated LED lighting, setting it apart from other awnings on the market. It can be set up in under 60 seconds and comes with mounting hardware and accessories, making it ready to use right out of the box.

The 270-degree awning is the perfect solution for those looking for reliable shelter and protection from the sun and bad weather during outdoor adventures. This awning is made with durable, waterproof materials, making it ideal for camping and outdoor dining. With its unique selling points, such as its free-standing abilities and integrated LED lighting, it sets itself apart from other awnings on the market. The LED lighting provides an extra level of safety and convenience, and the awning can be set up in less than 60 seconds, making it quick and easy to use. The awning also comes with mounting hardware and accessories, making it ready to use right out of the box.

 Key Features

  • 270-degree coverage for ample shelter and protection
  • Integrated LED lighting for added safety and convenience
  • Heavy-duty canvas case for easy transport and storage
  • 280g rubber-coated polycotton for durability and waterproofing
  • Quick and easy set up in under 60 seconds

Product Benefits

  • Reliable shelter and protection from sun and bad weather
  • LED lighting adds an extra layer of safety and convenience
  • Durable and waterproof materials for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Versatile and reliable shelter solution for outdoor adventures

Don’t wait any longer! Get your 270-degree awning today and enjoy outdoor adventures with confidence and comfort. With its quick and easy set up, integrated LED lighting, and durable and waterproof materials, you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way. Order now and experience the ultimate in outdoor shelter and protection!

Vehicle Side

Driver, Passenger


Dimensions: 6.5ft
Weight: 46 lbs (with poles 54lbs)
Fabric: Gray 280g Black Rubber-Coated Polyester Cotton
Color: Grey with Orange Trim
Frame: Black Anodized Aluminum
Cover: Heavy-duty Waterproof Canvas w SBS Zippers

What's Included

  • 270-Degree Awning
  • Builtin LED Light Strips
  • USB A Power Cable
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Twist-Lock Poles x 4
  • Ground Stakes
  • Guy Ropes x 2
  • Wrenches x 2




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4 reviews for Total Eclipse – 270-Degree Awning

  1. Mike

    I recently had the pleasure of using Traverse Adventure Gear’s 270 awning, and I must say it exceeded all my expectations. The awning’s ease of use is truly remarkable. Setting it up was a breeze. It took me no time at all to have a comfortable shelter for my outdoor adventures.

    The quality of the Traverse Adventure Gear’s 270 awning is outstanding. The materials used are durable and built to last. I was impressed by the attention to detail and the robust construction. This awning is clearly made to withstand the rigors of outdoor life, and it shows in its sturdiness and reliability.

    One of the standout features of this awning is its ability to withstand strong winds. I experienced some unexpectedly gusty conditions during my camping trip, and the 270 awning held up like a champ. It remained steady and provided a safe and sheltered space even in challenging weather. This gave me peace of mind and allowed me to fully enjoy my outdoor activities without worrying about the awning.

    Another fantastic aspect of the Traverse Adventure Gear’s 270 awning is the LED lighting built-in. This added feature enhances the overall camping experience by providing ample illumination during the evening hours. Whether I needed to prepare food, play games, or simply relax, the built-in LED lights offered convenience and a cozy atmosphere. It’s a thoughtful addition that makes a significant difference.

    In summary, the Traverse Adventure Gear’s 270 awning is a top-notch product. Its ease of use, great quality, ability to withstand strong winds, and built-in LED lighting make it a standout choice for outdoor enthusiasts. I highly recommend this awning to anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable camping experience.

  2. Gina DeGirolamo

    When we saw the photos of the 270° Total Eclipse awning we knew it would be such an awesome addition to the the Lookout RTT.

    The quality is incredible. It looks amazing and it is SO easy to use. Since we live on the Central Coast of CA we get to go to the coast and beach often and it can get pretty windy there. With the addition of the support poles the stability of the awning is top notch. When it’s very little to no wind we don’t even use the support poles and it makes a nice unobstructed view.

    I also love how we can set up our camp kitchen underneath it and have the lighting we need, have shade or protection from rain too.
    We get so many people complimenting this awning. It’s so great not having a separate pop up canopy like we used to have that was heavy and a pain to set up.

    Thanks Brian and Traverse for making such a cool product that enhances our camp and beach adventures!

  3. BJ DeGirolamo

    The 270 Eclipse Awning is a must have for your RTT set up! This awning provides plenty of shade cover for relaxing during the day. At night, the built-in lights are brilliant enough for preparing dinner, or hanging out and chatting with friends. Not once have I stumbled around looking for a flash light. This awning is great looking and built very sturdy. I’ve had this awning deployed during a thunderstorm and it held up against pouring rain, wind, and hail, keeping all my camping gear dry. The awning is so easy to deploy and pack up that I never hesitate to use it for quick shade at the lake or the beach.

    Another great product from Traverse Adventure Gear! Thank you Brian!

  4. Aaron

    I’ve modified a lot of things on my truck and I’d have to say this 270° awning by Traverse Adventure Gear is one of the best additions!

    The awning is super sturdy. Even in 40mph gusts it was rock solid. In calm conditions I can deploy without the included poles, and with the poles there are no concerns about movement. The construction of the materials is quite robust.

    It’s very easy to deploy, taking less than a minute to open up in its initial configuration. Adding the poles to the setup adds another 30 seconds or so. Well constructed gear is useless if it’s too much trouble to set up and take down. This awning is so convenient that there is no hesitation to break it out and use it!

    The built in lighting is perfect, not too dim, not too bright. Provides a comfortable space to gather together out of the elements and with diffuse lighting so you can play games or eat.

    Sometimes you have to choose between a good product and good customer service but with Traverse Adventure gear you get both! Brian and his team have been there to answer questions, demonstrate products, and assist while I was trying to get it installed. They have always been very responsive and I have no hesitation relying on their products.

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